Update on the 2 births from last post.

Hey everyone!

Of course it’s been forever since my last post and I won’t make an excuse as to why it’s been so long. Just know that I’ve been extremely busy loving on mamas, palpating bellies, listening to fetal heart tones, traveling from city to city, writing papers and doing endless amounts of homework.

I wanted to update you all on the two births from the last post. Ironically, both of the mamas had the same due date and both went past by 4days. This means that I was only able to attend one & it was incredible. This mom came to the Birth Center after being in early labor for over a day. Her contractions were consistent but were not resulting in dilation. When she arrived at the birth center we started her on homeopathics because of prodromal labor. It was just she and I in the room for a few hours (her husband was coming from work) and she labored beautifully. She arrived with birth affirmations to tape on the wall to remind herself that she could do it. She started doing nipple stimulation and her contractions picked up and were steady. During each contraction she remembered her breathing and would say in the calmest voice “contractions don’t run me, I am in control of my body. This has to happen in order to have my baby.” When her contractions would pass, she’d look up at me and say “Tia I’m doing it.” & I’d said “yes you are” while checking her BP and fetal heart tones.

She ate chicken noodle soup and and almost 2 hrs later, the midwife checked her and she was at 7centimeters. She immediately started crying because she was SO proud of herself. I assured her that I was too and that her body knew what it was doing. We filled the jacuzzi bath tub with warm water and she got in the tub where she immediately felt some relief from the pain.

At 11:56pm, her baby girl entered the world via water.

This was the 1st birth I attended as a student and the roles had definitely switched from when I would just observe in a hospital with family and friends. I am so grateful to have learned a lot and that this mama allowed me to be in her space.

The other mom from this post delivered a baby boy who I had the honor of meeting at her postpartum visit. He is doing well and the 1st thing this mom said when she saw me was, “where were you?!” I hate that I missed it but she completely understood.

I love the connection i’ve developed with these moms in combination with doing what I love!

Leacoln's Birth-5


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