Developing a bond with clients.

Hi everyone!

It has been such a busy start to the semester with clinic and balancing 6 classes- 2 with a lab portion. But I am truly enjoying every minute.

Clinic has been absolutely amazing. I’ve had the opportunity to work with two Midwives thus far and meet a lot of moms, palpate & measure bellies, find fetal heart tones, counsel women on diet and activity and things of that nature. However the best part of everything is the bond between myself and the moms. Recently I’ve met two women who are both towards the end of their pregnancy. The beauty of the path I’ve chosen to help women and and babies are the differences I’ve seen between other care providers and myself as a student midwife. Prenatal appointments are usually an hour long with a Midwife. In that hour I really get the chance to know what’s going on with them physically & mentally as well as answer all of the questions and provide advice.

I’ve witnessed these women voice their opinion about being nervous and apprehensive about delivery, hear good stories and was able to counsel and get to know them. Because of that bond (weekly appointments b/c of last few weeks), I am really hoping they don’t give birth when I’m away at school. 🙂 I’d like the opportunity to empower them, help them do what their body is made to do on top of being in the space of welcoming a new baby. In case I miss their birth, there are 3 postpartum appointments that I’ sure I’ll be apart of!

So here’s to all the mama’s I’ll get to meet! I’m honored to be apart of your journey and grateful to you for allowing me!



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