New semester, same journey.


Hey! I wanted to update you all on my 2nd semester, it’s been two weeks & sadly has taken me 2 weeks to upload this but here we go! The great thing about starting this semester is that it gives me a fresh start at getting a little more organized. I plan to start a library related to Midwifery and I’d like to keep my notes from certain classes to use as a reference when I’m practicing and also include a lot of books my mamas can take to read. Or it just gives me a reason to shop? Who knows. Bring on the new folders, notebooks, pens, etc.

My current schedule:

  • Anatomy & Physiology 2
  •  A&P 2 Lab
  • Healthcare Skills 2
  • HCS 2 Lab
  • Female Sexuality
  • Psychology for Midwives
  • Midwifery Practicum

Our welcome back included getting to know more about the clinical journey’s from staff at school. This included an MD, Licensed Midwife and admin. We (including the staff) were asked questions such as, “Do we feel prepared to begin clinical?” “Do we think we’ll make a fool of ourselves in front of our preceptor?” & things of that sort. We had four answer choices- strongly agree, agree, strongly disagree and degree. Personally, I am prepared mentally to learn as much and everything possible & I am most definitely afraid that I’ll make a fool out of myself. Luckily for me, during my interview my preceptor stressed the importance of teaching and not belittling students because she wants to see midwifery continue to grow in the United States. It’s crazy how OOH (out of hospital) birth isn’t the “norm” here in the States but is in many other countries.. however that’s another blog post. 😉 But yes, very much afraid. I think it’s because there is SO much you need to know before you’re the prime “baby catcher” and being that I’m just starting out, I have a fear that my preceptor will ask me to do something, forgetting that I’m just starting out and I’ll be standing there big eyed & looking like a dear caught in headlights. According to our Clinical Director at school, we shouldn’t be afraid to let it be known that we don’t know. Not only will it be a teaching moment, she also said the worst thing you could ever do is say you know how to do something but don’t because at that point, both mom and baby could be at risk.

An interesting class we have this semester is Female Sexuality. I don’t have any children but I would like to get more comfortable talking about sexuality so the conversations I have with my future patients are smooth and comfortable for the both of us. What was interesting to hear from some of my classmates who have children, especially daughters is that they’re looking forward to the class mainly to gather points in having “the talk” with their daughters and sons, while being open and honest. Our 1st assignment was to create a dialogue of a conversation we would have with our daughter or son regarding sex. TALK ABOUT A HEART ATTACK!!! This was by far the hardest thing ever. I would hope to have a relationship with my future daughter where she can respectably come to me for anything, but let’s be real… I’d be happiest if I made sure she is aware of everything! & I mean everything- consent, protection, diseases, emotions that come with it and everything else. I grew up in a Christian home, therefore I would explain that sex was designed for marriage. If she chose to wait or not, my job would be done if she understood everything about it.

Side note: This all sounds good, let’s just hope I can remember all of this when that time comes. babies

The 1st day of Healthcare Skills 2 was pretty cool as well. We learned how to put together birth and suture kits. We have a training workshop later throughout the program where we’ll learn how to suture a mama who may have tore during delivery.


Creating Suture & Birth Kits!

The second Healthcare Skills 2 class was even better. I practiced drawing up Pitocin if I have a mama with a postpartum hemorrhage. I located the greater trochanter, spread my index and middle fingers & intramuscularly inserted the needle. That was probably the best thing I’ve done so far!


Overall, the 1st week back was really good. I’m looking forward to many more skills as well as the thought provoking homework assignments I know will benefit me in the long haul. XO, Tia

PS. The response back from you guys have been amazing! Just wait until I am managing births and delivering babies. I’m glad I can inspire some of you and can use the motivation from you all too. Thank you!



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