Clinic has begun!

Birth-Photography-100The big day finally came! This post will be brief as it’s only the beginning but I wanted to let those who’ve been waiting, know how it went.

I was nervous yet excited to begin my clinical journey because this is truly where I’ll learn the most as everything is hands on. This is where I’ll do my 1st prenatal appointment where I’ll get to palpate bellies and hear fetal heart tones, the 1st place I’ll labor with a mama and encourage her, the place I’ll catch (deliver) my 1st baby, complete my 1st newborn exam, where I’ll spend hours in postpartum with a new mama and baby. As joyous as those things are, there are also things I’ll learn that are scary but beneficial as a future midwife- managing a postpartum hemorrhage, suturing and learn how to keep the space of a laboring mama from distractions. So yes, this is a big deal!

My 1st day was office work. So, it wasn’t AS exciting as I was hoping but I was still VERY grateful as my goal is to open a Birth Center and would need to know everything that goes into running a successful center. After arriving and reintroducing myself (I met a few people during my interview) my 1st task of the day was scanning charts and adding information to patient records. Everything now is electronic and again, those are very useful skills. Secondly, I helped one of the midwives set up for a newborn class that was being taught to 1st time moms and lastly, my favorite thing of the day was creating postpartum folders for parents. I read every single page. It was very informative and included instructions on pain management after delivery, what to expect after a vaginal delivery, breastfeeding, car seat safety, soothing a crying newborn, infant hearing screening & things of that sort.

So that was my day. I’m excited and ready for what’s next which includes an actual clinic day. haha! Stay tuned! XO, Tia




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