Determination & Support


Between finding this program, applying, interviewing, starting and finishing my 1st semester, I’ve developed a new meaning of determination. My life has drastically changed due to my determination to become a successful Midwife.

For starters, I drive just about 4 hours (8 hours round trip) every single week to school. I’ve done it so much that it feels routine but I definitely notice it when I’m needing an oil change more than usual or wearing my tires a little faster. It’s not a complaint as I constantly remember that I am one of the lucky people who are actively pursing a dream. These are just the times having a great support group really comes in handy.

This busy life helps me to see people in their truest forms and shows me my biggest supporters. Whether I have to schedule date night with my boyfriend around the 2 days I’m away or simply happy and grateful (or not) when my friends don’t forget to include me in things because they know my schedule, I am truly grateful to keep my life as normal as possible with all the recent changes Midwifery school has brought. I will admit though, having people who understands what you need makes everything a little sweeter. I need to get better at communicating that at all times. Not everyone can read your mind. 😉

Here’s to the support and encouragement I’ve received from so many people. Obtaining this goal is REAL y’all so please pray my strength as I continue my journey.

 XO, Tia


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