1st semester= DONE!


In a nutshell, I wanted to recap my 1st semester. We received our schedule a couple weeks prior to the 1st day and I immediately saw 9 classes. To say my 2 days in another city would be busy was an understatement. But the days truly didn’t seem long until about 6/7pm and you realize you have two/three more hours to go.

On the 1st day, our class of 30 women were welcomed by the class ahead of us with small gifts that would help us on our 1st couple middle of the night births (I still have mine & plan to put in my birth bag for clinicals in two weeks). I can’t remember all of what was included but I do know there were granola bars for those nights we’re called to a birth and possibly don’t have time to grab food, a small notebook to record our thoughts we would later have to include in our records, gum and a few other small things. I thought that was really sweet because it also allowed us to get to know them. We were offered the opportunity to sign up for a mentor and my mentor proved to be AMAZING throughout the semester! We joke that she has adopted our entire class as mentee’s because she has hosted many study nights for us before exams.

It’s pretty much a joke now because in every class by every teacher, and the class ahead of us, we were asked why we chose Midwifery. We all went around and said why. Our class is a mixture of women- RN’s, college grads from completely different paths, chiropractics, former EMT’s or just someone who took the required prerequisites because they had a passion for this work, who we each had similar answers- to empower women to do what their body was made to do. I mean, those weren’t all the answers but that’s what stuck out to me.

During lunch, we attended a ceremony that was held for the class above us for the students who had delivered (or as they like to say-“caught”) their 1st baby during the break. They told the story of how it happened and that they trusted their preceptor who had taught them everything they needed to know. Because of that, they were ultimately comfortable doing so. I look forward to the day I am able to share my story with all of you.

The 1st day was a great start to the next 17 weeks. Our teachers this semester included an MD, Licensed Midwife, former High School Principal, and a woman who has been working for the school since it’s opening. At times it was challenging but I can’t tell you how much we relied on other students for support and advice on how to manage our 12 hour days on campus. Let’s just say there was a lot of coffee involved- we even bought a Keuric to leave on campus and planned group meals for dinner.

1st semester books/supplies for the following classes:

Anatomy & Physiology 1, A&P 1 Lab, Healthcare Skills 1, HCS 1 Lab, Research Evaluation, Florida Law & Rule, Basic Comm Skills, Student Success and History of Midwifery & a Blood Pressure kit & Stethoscope


This semester was pretty much our introduction to all things. I learned how to manually take blood pressures (although I plan to have an automatic one in my practice), set up sterile fields for birth and I know every body region, bone, joint and everything else in the human body. History of Midwifery was an amazing class because it introduced us to the Midwives who worked so that I have the opportunity to be able to sit in class and type this blog.

Next semester brings more fun things- GYN exams, breast exams and IV’s, in addition to attending births at our clinic site.

XO, Tia


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