Why I chose Midwifery


An excerpt of a paper I wrote in a class from last semester. The topic was, “How did your midwifery journey begin?”

            My midwifery journey began seventeen years ago. I’ve been passionate about birth since age eight when my mom was pregnant with my younger sister. Anytime I was ever asked about what I wanted to do when I grew up, my answer was ALWAYS to deliver babies. When my mom was pregnant, she allowed me to attend her prenatal appointments and I was at the hospital during the birth of my sister. When she came into the world and I was allowed to hold her, at age eight I was amazed, intrigued and completely infatuated with all the feelings in the room. Those feelings included the tears in my mother’s eyes when she first laid eyes on her beautiful new daughter, but even more at the doctor who assisted my mom in doing what her body was meant to do. That’s truly when the passion inside of me began to grow.

At such a young age there really wasn’t much I could do yet to pursue my new desire of birth. For the next few years I spent hours after school watching TLC’s A Baby Story and Birth Day. I was fascinated by the stories and people’s lives because I was able to see birth and would cry (and still do) after a healthy baby was born. Some may have thought it was weird but I thought it was truly amazing. There is nothing in this world more beautiful. In addition to dedicating hours to these television shows related to birth, I started babysitting babies- the younger they were, the happier I was. I read books I found related to pregnancy, birth, newborn babies and started my research on how I could become an OB/GYN.

My desire to be an OB/GYN switched to a Labor and Delivery Nurse when my second oldest sister gave birth to my niece when I was 18. It was right before I started college so I had plenty of time to switch my intended major from Biology to Pre-Nursing. The doctor was late to her delivery because she was with another patient so the nurse delivered the baby. I noticed how much more involved the nurses were and although physicians make more money, I wanted to go the other route. However, life progressed and things changed. Although I’ve completed all my prerequisites for nursing and plan to return, I fell in the path of education- partly because of my love for children and pursed that. However in between being a teacher, I attended births and a doula training class with the hopes of one day doing doula work. It was one day at my desk while my students were at lunch that I felt that burning desire that never left, return.

I began researching midwifery programs and spent the next few weeks really finding what was right for me. After my cousin had a not-so-good experience with her doctor at the birth of her daughter in a hospital, I was lead to out-of-hospital birth. I will never forget the day I found FSTM. I immediately began my application and asked for my letters of recommendation. Everything flowed smoothly and honestly, there wasn’t a better time than now to complete this program. I am here and there is no greater joy to actively be pursing a life long dream. I am humbled; I am incredibly blessed and grateful.

So you see, becoming a Midwife chose me. I can’t wait to document this journey. It’s only been one semester but I’ve already met so many amazing women who I get to call my sister midwives.

XO, Tia




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